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        1. 45 ° quick stainless steel elbow

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          45 ° quick stainless steel elbow

          • Stable quality: implement the whole process quality monitoring, be meticulous, and detect in all aspects!
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          Dimensions of 45 ° quick stainless steel elbow: DIN standard (DN10-DN150) 3A/IDF standard (1/2" - 6") ISO Standards( Ф 12.7- Ф 152.4) Standard: DINISOSMS3AIDF, etc. Price: electric discussion, face-to-face discussion Connection: clamp (quick installation) type, butt welding (welding) type, threaded (loose joint) type Material: stainless steel 304316304L316L409L202321 carbon steel low alloy steel Alloy steel, etc. Wall thickness: SCH5S-SCH160S Weight: subject to the theoretical weight of the product Applicable temperature: - 20~232 ℃ Applicable medium: water, oil, gas and some corrosive liquids Beautiful appearance, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, Strong texture performance. It is more convenient than welding and can be connected quickly without welding process

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